Social media curation services for 2011

Another Web 2.0 platform type is emerging this year.  Social media curation tools (to coin a phrase) are appearing in growing numbers.

These are Web services which let users easily assemble multiple bits of social multimedia content.  Twitter updates, blog posts, Facebook content, and more can be hauled into a single stream, which in turn can be presented as a collection or story.  Put another way, these tools are another way to create slideshows and digital stories.

Each of these services is based on preexisting content, not creating new media.  Collections can be stored privately or published to the Web.  For example, Storify draws content from Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, plus the open Web through URLs and RSS feeds.  Users can also take advantage of some of each Web service’s organizing tools through Storify, like favorites and internal searches.

Storify example with YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr items

More examples:

  • Projeqt provides blog-like design options for collections.  Users can draw on Vimeo, Youtube, Twitter, and RSS content, along with content from the user’s local device.  Projeqt is based on a slideshow organization, a la Powerpoint.
  • Keepstream connects with Facebook, Twitter, the open Web (through Keepstream’s own bookmarklet), and WordPress.
  • Bagtheweb resembles a Web page aggregator or social bookmark service, storing URLs.  It also runs a Web search based on your “bag”’s keywords, suggesting items.

What are the uses of these kinds of tools?  First, they provide easy organization of social media content, which can aid with recalling specific events or topics.  For example, this Keepstream collection archives Twitter feed items for a conference day.

Second, the linear structure each one provides enables at least a slideshow type of storytelling.

Pedagogically, these social media curation tools could be used by instructors or students, depending on curricular structure.

(thanks to Twitter discussants Dean Terry and Liberty McGeo)

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  1. Written by Eric Likness
    on March 10, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    I think probably the single most widely hyped and promoted App like this is Flipboard on the iPad. Wired and ReadWriteWeb have been intensively covering Flipboard every revision that comes out.

  2. Written by Joe Murphy
    on March 14, 2011 at 11:25 am

    Just got my Storify invite, and I’m wondering how much a “story” is like a “notebook.” I had thought the tool required a “story” to tell, but maybe curating my notes (which include social media) is just the “story” of my day…

    Eric, is there a way to bookmark or otherwise collect content on Flipboard? I love it as an alternate interface to Twitter, FB, and other news streams, but I haven’t found any way to “cross the streams,” as it were.

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