Lecture capture in higher education: a Northwestern study?

How is higher education handling lecture capture in 2009?  A Northwestern University study polled academics from multiple institutions and nations, then shared the results (pdf).

Some highlights from their findings:

  • Although the data indicates implementation is widespread, few have done so beyond a small number of classrooms.
  • There appears to be a lack of standardization; no single method has shown itself to be more
    prevalent than another. There are no firmly established best practices for lecture content collection, manipulation, or delivery.
  • The central IT organization appears to be the group most often leading the implementation and management of these services, although almost a third of the respondents indicate lecture capture is initiated and managed by individual schools, departments, and in some cases, individual faculty.
  • Almost half of the institutions surveyed share content via their course management system. Just over half make a portion of their captured content publicly available.
  • Just over half the respondents record video as part of the captured content. The other half focus on audio only, or audio and content.
  • Only a quarter of the respondents have an automated system for lecture capture recording. Most systems require some level of hands-on support.
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