Real-time search goes big-time: Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook

The world’s leading Web search engines announced plans to search the “real-time Web.”  This includes new versions of search tools.

Google will include Twitter updates as part of its search operations.  The timeline is unclear.

A pilot version, called Social Search, will appear from Google Labs within a month.  This may also allow search across other Web services to which a user subscribes. (Here is one description of a live demo)

Bing, Microsoft’s Web search service, also announced a deal with Twitter, in addition to one with Facebook.  For Facebook, Bing users will be able to search Facebook users’ public updates.  For Twitter, Bing now features a Twitter search tool of its own, including a search of recent tweets, along with a separate breakout of leading Web links included in tweets.


One Bing leader calls this “Bing Wave 2.”

One implication of these developments: it will be harder for small startups to compete in this rapidly developing field (here’s one comparison of Bing with others).

Another result: Twitter’s status has ratcheted upwards, by being included in the world’s dominant search service.

Third, there is no word about any Google arrangement with Facebook to search that social giant’s status updates.  This gives Microsoft’s Bing an advantage over Google, as long as it lasts.

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