New tablet announced by Apple

iPad_JobsA tablet device was announced by Apple today. The iPad, introduced by Steve Jobs, appears to be a multi-purpose machine, aimed at a middle ground between phone and laptop (excellent coverage here).

It runs on an Apple-built CPU, and uses a version of the iPhone operating system.  iTunes is central to media purchase and organization, as with other Apple devices.  iPhone apps will apparently play on the iPad.

Multipurpose: today’s announcement showed the iPad being used for media consumption (music, video), reading (via a newly launched service, iBooks), office productivity (via updated iWork apps), and Web browsing.  Gaming was showcased as well.

Connectivity: the iPad connects to WiFi points, and also to AT+T 3G networks.

Price ranges from $499 to over $800, depending on purchased memory and 3G connection plans.

No phone support seems to be available.  As with the iPhone, no multitasking.

And an odd glimpse of the liberal arts world, caught by Engadget, and quoted here:

“we’ve always tried to be at the intersection of technology and liberal arts”


(thanks to Ruben Ruiz , Peter Naegele, and the commenting hordes via Twitter and Facebook!)

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