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Buzz: Google ramps up social networking

Google upped its social networking ante on Tuesday, with the launch of a new service.  Google Buzz is a microblogging engine, related to Facebook status update and Twitter.  But the differences are important, and possibly of moment to academia.
Buzz lets Google users compose short messages, a la Twitter or instant messages’ “away” status.  Buzz users [...]

Facebook as new reader: a new player in journalism?

Could Facebook become a leading portal for news consumption?  One observer thinks it already is, and will grow in that role.
Facebook is the web’s most popular subscription-enabled place to read news; be it from links shared by friends or by becoming a Fan of news organizations like Facebook is now encouraging. That doesn’t mean that [...]

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New tablet announced by Apple

A tablet device was announced by Apple today. The iPad, introduced by Steve Jobs, appears to be a multi-purpose machine, aimed at a middle ground between phone and laptop (excellent coverage here).
It runs on an Apple-built CPU, and uses a version of the iPhone operating system.  iTunes is central to media purchase and organization, [...]

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Humans increase social media use by 82%: Nielsen

Globally, the time we spend using social media in 2009 increased 82%, according to Nielsen Research.

Leading the charge were platforms familiar to followers of NITLE research:
social networks and blogs are the most popular online category when ranked by average time spent in December, followed by online games and instant messaging. With 206.9 million unique visitors, [...]

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Emailing your way through Facebook

You can now post to Facebook through email.  Email notifications of activity are now active – rather than just showing users what happened in that Web service, each email message now includes an option to reply to Facebook within the message.

This might be a way for users to get around local Facebook restrictions, such as [...]

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Web 2.0 storytelling: a workshop with Kenyon and Ohio Wesleyan

A NITLE workshop is being held today, “Web 2.0 Storytelling,” hosted by Kenyon College, and co-sponsored by Ohio Wesleyan University.
The agenda for the day is as follows:
9:00-10:30 am    – Introductions

Ourselves, the day, and digital materials (from this blog)
What is Web 2.0 Storytelling? and discussion

10:30-10:45     – break time
10:45 – 11:30     – First platforms [...]

Digital and analog storytelling together

An interesting case of Web 2.0 storytelling comes from this account of a Great Recession narrative project.  The person who launched it began with physical materials, then adding a digital layer:
I gather one- or two-line stories from friends, Craigslist, and Facebook describing what people as individuals are feeling and seeing during these new Hard Times.

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Social networking in 2009: the state of the world

A new map of the social networking world offers insights into how and where people are using which Web 2.0 services.  Facebook, according to Vincenzo Cosenza’s work, continues to expand its worldwide influence:

(thanks to Todd Bryant)

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Using Facebook successfully, then problematically

An unfolding story involving Facebook and JPMorgan Chase & Company highlights some issues with using social media.
The financial giant launched a charity campaign earlier this month, based on a contest using Facebook to identify leading sources for contributions.  Facebook users could vote for their preferred award targets: “[m]ore than a million people signed onto Chase’s [...]

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Facebook friending on the decline?

The importance of friending someone on Facebook has begun to decline, argues a Wall Street Journal article.  Facebook’s recent moves to open up user content to the world mean more users are posting not to a closed friends network, but to the world at large, a la public Twitter feed.
If this is true, and happening, [...]

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