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CNI 2009 conference, opening overview

The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) fall 2009 conference began today, opened by its director’s overview speech.
(NB: these notes are taken on the fly.)
Clifford Lynch described a challenging year, with very mixed developments.
One positive sign: a call for public comment from the United States Office of Science Technology and Policy, re: open access to federally [...]

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NITLE partnering with Internet2

NITLE and Internet2® are partnering to explore how best to connect small liberal arts campuses to that high-speed network. Together we will collaborate to explore and raise awareness of advanced networking applications for teaching and learning, libraries, performing arts, language instruction, health science, and other areas.
The first step will be to identify test cases for [...]

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Protein folding collaborative game

A new academic computer game lets players compete in solving biological puzzles. Players organize into teams, trying to determine which patterns certain proteins will develop. Fold.It was launched by a University of Washington scientist.
It’s a form of crowdsourcing, related to human computing, as the site explains:
We’re collecting data to find out if humans’ [...]

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Internet2-NLR talks fall through

Discussions for a merger between Internet2 and National LambdaRail (NLR) fell through this week, as the NLR board failed to approve a merger plan. In the words of the joint site,
Under the circumstances, we agree that our respective organizations have no choice but to move forward independently.

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Inter-campus theater with I2

Two campuses are building a theater experience over Internet2. Actors are perform across I2 between Bradley University in Illinois and the University of Waterloo in Canada. Set-building is collaborative:
Both 3D and 2D sets consisting of multiple screens and special-effects lighting that helped to give the impression that all the actors, remote or not, [...]

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Net neutrality measure backed by Internet2, Educause

A Congressional bill to support internet network neutrality received the support of two major educational technology players. Educause and Internet2 both gave their support to Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden’s measure, the Internet Non-Discrimination Act of 2006.
(via Academic Commons)

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NITLE @ CNI Phoenix: Cliff Lynch plenary

Cliff Lynch’s plenary talk (CNI December 2005):
CNI’s horizon is 2-3 years out, so serve as a sort of early warning system for institutions. Major issues:
Managing digital assets, in the context of scholarly practice. Asset bases need to be preserved, content disseminated. Institutional repositories are crucial here (CNI started tracking in 2002), and [...]

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Internet2 experiment sets speed record

A group of scientests working on Internet2 set a record for fast data transmission between the California Institute of Technology and CERN
sThe team, which included folks from AMD, Cisco, Microsoft Research, Newisys, and S2io, transferred 859 gigabytes of data in less than 17 minutes. It did so at a rate of 6.63 gigabits per second [...]

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Shibboleth authentication protocol released

Internet2 / Middleware Architecture Committee for Education (MACE) announced the release of Shibboleth 1.0 authentication protocol on July 1st. Shibboleth is an open source, standards-based, authentication protocol that facilitates sharing of resources between institutions by allowing institutions to securely transfer information about user access while still respecting privacy guidelines. Blackboard, WebCT and WebAssign, course management [...]

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Shibboleth authentication protocol released

Shibboleth, an open source, inter-institutional authentication protocol was released today. Shibboleth 1.0 allows institutions to share information about user access in a federated, granular, collaborative way, while respecting privacy guidelines.
Shibboleth was developed over nearly five years by a collaborative working group, including a series of educational instutions, the Middleware Architecture Committee for Education, [...]

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