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Semantic social bookmarking service now consumes Delicious

Faviki, a semantic social bookmarking service, can now import bookmarks from the popular Delicious site.  I experimented with the process, and found it both easy and productive, as new terms were suggested.
Previous Liberal Education Tomorrow posts on Delicious can be found here.
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Threading Twitter comments into conversations, stories

A new project from a major social media innovator lets users use Twitter to make posts into topial conversations.  Joshua Schachter, creator of social bookmarking original, launched  A Tiny Thread this week.  The service hosts each tweeted item itself in quietly designed format:

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Real-time search comes to Delicious

Social bookmarking site Delicious just moved towards realtime search.  The Yahoo-owned Web 2.0 pioneer service now lets users sift bookmarks by time of creation, letting us look for most recent additions to their database.
For example, a search for content tagged “liberal education” during the past two weeks yields a few results:

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Social media, H1N1, and digital literacy

The swine flu pandemic has played out across Web 2.0 and the rest of the information ecosystem, with implications for teaching, learning, and research.
At one level, people have been using various forms of social media to find, share, and discuss information about the H1N1 disease.  An emergency information Twitter feed was set up by the [...]

Two social bookmarking service combine Two social bookmarking services combined into one this week, as Diigo bought Furl.

According to TechCrunch,
You might as well say Diigo bought a rival as it is readying the launch of the upcoming Diigo 4.0 platform, which is said to be taking social bookmarking and annotation ‘to new heights’.

…Although [Furl] was one of the first startups to focus on leveraging new technologies to add a social layer to site bookmarking, it never really quite took off the way Delicious did and according to the press release attracted only 1 million users for its service since its inception 6 years ago. remains the leading social bookmarking service (previous Liberal Education Today posts).
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Social bookmarking for education: Brainify launches A new social bookmarking, Web 2.0 service has appeared, aimed at education. Brainify lets users aggregate and share bookmarks, like other such platforms (, Furl, H2O,, etc.). A key difference is that Brainify users are restricted to those affiliated with an academic institution.

(sample search for “learning”)

Some critics argue that Brainify’s appeal is limited, even to academics, by the .edu restriction.

Brainify is the creation of Murray Goldberg, the creator of WebCT, a leading course management system., noted above, also comes from the CMS world, namely Blackboard.

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Maximizing social bookmarking

Five practices for getting more value out of social bookmarking has many applications to higher education. The article touches on group bookmarking, tagging other Web 2.0 services in, timelines, and publishing a bookmark stream to one’s Web page.
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Using Web 2.0 to better follow and survive Gustav

People in hurricane Gustav’s path are using Web 2.0 tools to organize themselves, learn about the event, and prepare to survive. It’s a sample of real-world use of these digital platforms.

Wikis: A Gustav Wiki has been set up by a group which organized Katrina relief. A Wikipedia page is up and offers a [...]

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Social bookmarking service was relaunched in a new design this week. There are some changes to look and feel, along with several interface additions. The team also promises faster speed and better search.

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Liberal arts campus academic program moving to

Lewis and Clark College’s environmental studies program is moving to social bookmarking service for Web resource management. According to a local librarian, this is to be a
system for developing a collection of research resources focused on local and regional/international research sites.
Librarian Mark Dahl reflects on this project as part of a much broader [...]

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