Mapping Stories for Student Learning

How might projects combining digital storytelling and mapping help students learn?  Digital storytelling has become a prevalent pedagogy at small liberal arts colleges, as we explored in a previous impromptu videoconference discussion.  Aggregating and visualizing stories spatially, offers a layer of analysis and synthesis to the student learning experience.  Since residential liberal arts colleges often [...]

A Snapshot of Digital Scholarship at Liberal Arts Colleges

Digital Scholarship has exploded at liberal arts colleges in recent years.  In order to capture a snapshot of that explosion, planners of the Digital Scholarship Seminars kicked off this year’s series with a panel presentation representing eight institutions: the Tri-College Consortium (Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College, Swarthmore College), Hamilton College, Occidental College, University of Richmond, [...]

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Digital Storytelling: a videoconference discussion

How does digital storytelling get used at liberal arts colleges?  This was the subject of yesterday’s impromptu videoconference discussion.  The concept was suggested by recent discussion on NITLE’s instructional technology mailing list and a new digital storytelling working group exploring multimedia narrative in the liberal arts and beyond. Inspired by this, we hosted a Google+ [...]

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Beyond YouTube: Using Video For Scholarly and Academic Communication

In 2011 Gary Roberts, Director of Technology at Alfred University, began producing a series of videos to illustrate how technology has inspired innovative pedagogy at Alfred University. In this post, he shares how these videos have more effectively communicated innovative teaching practices.
My position as Director of Technology at Alfred University provides me with [...]

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Social media curation services for 2011

Another Web 2.0 platform type is emerging this year.  Social media curation tools (to coin a phrase) are appearing in growing numbers.
These are Web services which let users easily assemble multiple bits of social multimedia content.  Twitter updates, blog posts, Facebook content, and more can be hauled into a single stream, which in turn can [...]

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