Digital Humanities Now, A Videoconference Discussion

Last week Digital Humanities Now (@dhnow) was relaunched.  This experiment in how we evaluate scholarship begs the question, how will our colleagues outside the digital humanities evaluate our digital work?  How can we make our work legible to them? This was the subject of yesterday’s impromptu videoconference discussion.

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Ebooks in Education: A Videoconference Discussion

Amazon Kindle & Sony eBook

What are the implications of ebooks for education? At an impromptu session on November 8, participants explored ebooks’ potential to foster collaboration, greater interactivity, and convenient access, as well as obstacles to integrating ebooks into education, such as cost and restrictions on usage.

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Digital Storytelling: a videoconference discussion

How does digital storytelling get used at liberal arts colleges?  This was the subject of yesterday’s impromptu videoconference discussion.  The concept was suggested by recent discussion on NITLE’s instructional technology mailing list and a new digital storytelling working group exploring multimedia narrative in the liberal arts and beyond. Inspired by this, we hosted a Google+ [...]

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Unbundling education: a videoconference discussion

How will academia change if our functions were unbundled?  This was the subject of today’s impromptu videoconference discussion.
The concept was suggested by a recent Chronicle of Higher Education panel at this month’s Educause conference.  Three Chronicle reporters (Marc Parry, Jeffrey R. Young, Jennifer Howard) each explored different aspects of unbundling higher education, then discussed the [...]

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New developments in open content for education: a videoconference discussion

What is going on with open content, and what does it mean for education?  A group of us discussed the topic during the latest NITLE impromptu videoconference.
The main stories in our minds concerned the emergent, apparently competition between two major companies for open content mindshare.  Pearson announced the launch of a free learning management system, [...]

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