Faculty Innovation in – and Beyond – the Classroom

Innovative faculty at NITLE colleges are sharing their ideas about using technology in their teaching with other faculty who have similar interests. To do so, they are using these interactive videoconferences to share their practices, notably those in the “Special Topics in Digital Teaching” series. (In January, Rebecca Davis and I offered a [...]

Assessing the Effectiveness of Technology Use for Student Learning: Reflections on AAC&U

Graphic from the Educator

This post continues our conversation about the AAC&U 2010 conference.  The theme that jumped out at me most strongly was that of assessment. Now, with AAC&U that is no accident, as we mentioned in an earlier post, one of AAC&U’s key strategies for articulating the value of liberal education is the establishment of assessment tools [...]

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Teaching Tools for the Global Age Continues in February

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The new “Special Topics: Teaching Tools for the Global Age” series will continue into the Spring, but only the first three instances of the series have been programmed.   Topics for others will be determined by a “call for sessions.”
I was pleased with the series this fall.  The topics were diverse and included technologies for teaching [...]

Images for Science Educators

From the SpringerImages website.

The number of digital image libraries available on the Internet has increased dramatically in the past several years. I was pleased to learn of one recent addition from Springer Publishing that has particular relevance to science educators and librarians in higher education. This site,  SpringerImages, provides ready access to images drawn from their print publications [...]

Bringing Web 2.0 to the Classroom


Yesterday, I read Trent Batson’s call for faculty to take advantage of the “technology freedom” offered by web 2.0 and the cloud.  Inspiring stuff, technology freedom, but what do we do with it in practical terms?  What does this look like in the classroom?  Coming down from the cloud, let me reflect on one very [...]